Art Guerrilla is an art project which is open to all the artists around the world who are ready for a guerrilla war in a multi-dimentional manner. This war has got a unique aim: recreate the soul of arts. We know that this aim is indefinite; however, if we live in an indefinite age, if our enemies use indefinite weapons against us, it is also our right to move in an indefinite and uncertain sea.

Art Guerrilla has got some natural and permanent members. Their participation to us is not open to discuss. They are naturally a part of our aesthetic guerrila war.


1. Graffiti artists.

2. Tango dancers.

3. Motorcycle drivers (bettween 20-30 years old, we mean the vehicle, not the driver)

4. Some music band members (the know already themselves)

5. The people who had not got Legos in their childhoods.

If you are not on of them, you should as yourself these questions: Are you a cynical member of the academy? Do people criticize your works in a weird way? Do you live in the perifery of the world (Asia, Balkans, Middle East, Africa, South America); or do you live in the periferies of the center (whereever)? Are you poor economicaly, and, rich in imagination? Do think or imagine a kind of liberation for contemporary society? Have you got any problems with the authorities? Have your mum ever dressed you down, as saying: you will never grow up if you go like this! Then, please write us to artguerrilla@yahoo.com. Probabely you have a chance for membership. You can also send the images of your works, if they are visible.

Otherwise, if you are not one of them, be careful! You may be one of the enemies of us! It means we will never permit you to be a Leonardo da Vinci, a Michelangelo, a Picasso, a Dali, a Marcel Duchamp, even a Warhol or a Beuys. If you will not able to be one of them, it is on account of our prevention. You can be sure. Because, we are full of them and we do not want a new one. It does not mean that we do not like them. Just the opposite; we like them usually, but we are tired to carry new ones. Now, masters are quiet down in the museums and we speak on the streets. We will see what will happen next.

Meantime, let us keep in touch. Let us use every occasion to propogandate about the Art Guerrilla Movement. We expect of our comrades:

- translate our aims every language possible,

- struggle in an artistic way and be in interconnection with the other parts of the movement,

- create new media (fanzines, e-zines, e-groups, web-sites, real discussion groups, real meeting, real exhibitions, real demonstrations, etc. Reality means being face to face for us, not something illusional like intermnet) to communicate with possible members of the movement,

- report regularly to the movement media.